Kamat Pumps


With Swanson and KAMAT...The Pressure is Always On!

Photo of KAMAT Pump Station

High-Pressure, High-Volume KAMAT Pumps and Pumping Stations for Longwall Fluid Supply Systems

KAMAT hydraulic high-pressure, high-volume pumps are preferred for reliable, low-noise, low-maintenance operation under continuous use. Swanson matches volume and pressure requirements with the wide range of pumps; the operation’s mine entry size constraints and varying terrain grades are accommodated with:

  • Stationary, Remote or Mobile
  • Pump Stations
  • Rail-Mounted Stations
  • Wheel-Mounted Stations
  • Skid-Mounted Stations
  • Monorail-Mounted Pumps
  • K25000 Emulsion Pumps
  • K35000 Emulsion Pumps
  • K50000 Emulsion Pumps

Download Pump Specifications

Download Pump Station Specifications


Photo of Single Kamat Pump

All KAMAT pumps are available as standalone units or as full pumping stations. Swanson’s piping and coupling products are provided as part of a single-source longwall system, minimizing cost and maintenance.

Photo of KAMAT Setup Station

Start It Right With A KAMAT Setup Station

  • Kamat K22036m Pump @43 Gpm
  • Manual Unloader W/Pressure Control
  • 100Hp 480 or 575Vac Motor
  • Falk Drive Coupling
  • Removeable Guards
  • Inlet Suction Box W/Oil Cooler
  • Robust Skid Weldment
  • Tank Level Site Gauge
  • Stainless Steel Tank
  • 288 Gallon Capacity
  • 5 Gallon Accumulator
  • Return Filter
  • 100Hp 480 or 575Vac Starter

Download Setup Station Specifications


KAMAT Pump Stations & Pumps

Swanson is the North American Mining repair facility for KAMAT pumps. Swanson’s qualified and experienced team of technical personnel utilize years of expertise to ensure optimum performance and minimize down times.

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1:12 // Kamat Pump Station Repair

KAMAT unit finished

Swanson has the capacity to perform complete or partial overhauls, based on equipment condition, within time frames to minimize cost and potential delays in production.