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Cylinder Exchange Program

Cylinder Xpress, a cylinder exchange program, is a quality-certified worldwide supplier of remanufactured hydraulic cylinders.

Swanson’s own proven, state-of-the art hydraulic cylinder remanufacturing process and our multiple stocking locations through the world provide the heavy equipment industry with same day service and delivery* for hydraulic cylinders used on:

  • Trucks
  • Excavators
  • Dozers
  • Graders
  • Loaders

* Same day service and delivery dependent on inventory availability and location

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Swanson Industries Quality Assurance

  • ISO-9001:2015
  • Controlled Environment for Testing and Assembly
  • Test equipment oil cleanliness maintained to 16/13 (ISO 4406) or better
  • Every Cylinder is Pressure and Function Tested Before Shipment
  • Certified Welders and Qualified Weld Procedures

In an increasingly complex and competitive market, value for money is a priority.

Severely worn or badly damaged hydraulic components mean lost productivity and machine downtime. Our Cylinder Xpress Exchange Program puts equipment back to work in days rather than weeks at a cost that compares favorably to replacing with “new” cylinders.

Cylinder Exchange by Swanson Industries

Cylinder Xpress Exchange Process

The Process

  1. Customer contacts Cylinder Xpress about broken component.
  2. Cylinder Xpress ships remanufactured part from inventory to customer.
  3. Customer ships broken component to Cylinder Xpress work facility, which is later remanufactured and sent to inventory.
  4. Customer Assurance that remanufactured component is at OEM specs, or better, for less than cost of a new component.

Every cylinder is remanufactured and tested to meet or exceed original OEM specs for reliability and performance.