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Swanson Industries Australia provides design and manufacturing services along with machining capabilities for timely and efficient service and support to New South Wales and Queensland mining clients.


Standard Seam Shuttle Car Offering
High Performance Haulage for Australia’s Challenging Underground Mining Environment

Swanson Industries Australia works to ensure your shuttle cars perform safely and efficiently. Upon evaluation and assessment, our expert team provides quality repairs and modifications to your current equipment, minimising customer production downtime and facilitating continuous production operations. In the market for new high quality mining machinery? We also design and manufacture shuttle cars for purchase, built for high performance haulage.

  • Capability for Remote Conveyer Flighting (optional)
  • Complete Wheel Unit Evaluation/ Redesign and Assessment
  • Steering System Review Including Heavy Duty Ball Joints
  • Complete Body FEA
  • Cabin Assessed and Designed to Ergonomics Principals
  • Reduced Plate Work (simpler body design)
  • Revised Traction Assessment Report Including LINK360 Footswitch Mechanical Design Improvements and Development
  • Protection Report Including MCB Upgrade to ABB 20kA IC @ 1000V
  • Functional Safety Assessment of Ancillary Systems
  • AS1972 Compliant Machine Cable Throughout

Photo of Shuttle Car
Detailed photo of Shuttle Car

Photo of Feeder Breaker
Detailed photo of Feeder Breaker


Light-weight, Reliable and Modular Feeder Breakers Engineered to Last

Swanson Industries Australia manufactures and repairs our exclusive line of primary reduction feeder-breakers for use in a variety of mine-run mineral production. The same engineering and technological knowledge behind each Swanson product are utilized in the design and manufacturing of our rugged feeder-breaker configurations. Paired with our high-haulage Standard Seam Shuttle Cars, mine operators have come to depend on Swanson to supply high-performance transfer solutions for today’s demanding underground and surface mining operations.

  • 16 Tonne Nominal Capacity
  • Hydraulic Traction Drive
  • Pempek Obelix / Pempek Safe Control System
  • Remote Control Operation
  • Rexroth FLP with Electric Control and Manual Control Valve Bank
  • Height Adjustable Tracks for Chassis Leveling
  • Capable of 3 Way Load Access
  • 75kW Drive Motor
  • Manually Adjustable Cracker
  • Low Machine Weight
  • Designed for 1.03Mt Economic Life Between Overhauls

Complete Longwall Monorail Solutions

Swanson Industries offers flexible, expandable, sustainable and reliable longwall fluid delivery systems featuring our proprietary DERON monorail components.

Swanson’s single-source longwall monorail system includes the DERON hydraulic winches and diesel hydraulic power units, push pulls, locomotives, Weinhold high-pressure pipes and KAMAT pumps.

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7:35 // Longwall Layout Using Deron and Super-T Monorail Products


Our aluminum monorail is half the weight of steel rail – but every bit as strong – for easier maneuverability and configuration as your mining operation progresses.

Compare to Steel Rail:

Designation: I 140 E Super Tee
Length: 3m 3m
Weight: 77 kg. 36 kg.
Materials: Steel Aluminum
Rated Load: 2722 kg. 2722 kg.

Weinhold High-Pressure Pipe and Connectors

Swanson Industries Australia provides high-pressure pipe and connectors as part of their fluid delivery system to the longwall face. These features deliver a higher fluid volume with less friction over conventional hoses and make the setup and moving of fluid delivery units and components more efficient.

Quick Coupling Pipe

Pressure Range 320 to 500 bar


Tapered Screw Coupling Pipe

Pressure Range 320 to 500 bar


Pipeline Systems with WE-ER®

High-Pressure Screwed Pipe Coupling - Ls Design


WE-ER® High Pressure Combi-Coupling


WE-ER® Hose Fittings for the Mining Industry

Easy Handling... Perfect Sealing


WE-ER® Pipe-In-Pipe Coupling