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DERON Mining Equipment Distributor

Swanson Industries has been a leading innovator in mining equipment repair and new product manufacturing since it began in 1964.

We worked closely with regional mine operators, Swanson service personnel and engineers to develop the DERON line of products. Manufactured with safety and performance in mind, DERON equipment is used in mines throughout Australia.
DERON Mining Equipment Distributor

DERON Schematics


DERON Mining Equipment

Exclusively distributed by Swanson,
the DERON line of mining equipment includes:

  • Rock-Dusters
  • Coal Drills
  • Drill Rigs
  • Hydraulic Monorail Winches
  • Monorail Trolleys

Type III Tugger

Exclusively engineered, manufactured and distributed by Swanson

  • Adaptable for Use on All Monorails
  • Move Individual or Combined Sections of Monorail Components
  • 2,722 kg. Drawbar Pull – Bi-Directional
  • 2,268 kg. Static Braking Effort
  • Tram Speed – 18 m/min
  • Available in Pendant or Radio Controlled
  • Spring Applied Air Released Fail Safe Braking System
  • End Adapters for Any Style Trolley
  • Designed to Handle Typical Rail Undulations
  • Customized Cable/Hose Handling

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0:51 // Type III Tugger

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DERON Tugger

MR20 – MR40 Equipment Retriever

The MR20 – MR40 is a safe, fast and economical way to recover equipment trapped by roof falls. With a drawbar pull of 150 tonnes, the Equipment Retriever offers three important advantages:

  1. Trapped equipment can be recovered quickly, significantly reducing out-of-production time.
  2. A minimum crew is required to operate the retriever.
  3. Maximum safety is assured because personnel need not be positioned between the MR20 – MR40 and the trapped equipment.

DERON Retriever

Rock Dusters In High Pressure Bulk, Portable and Trickle Designs

Swanson’s complete line of DERON Rock Dusters meet your specific dust application requirements while maximizing mine safety and reducing costs. Each model is designed and manufactured with features for the most demanding mining environment:

  • SD2 Slinger-Duster: The ultimate design for one-man rock dusting, 1,089 kg. capacity or larger
  • RD55 Hydraulic Rock Duster: Designed to be transported in the bucket of a scoop car for dusting in less-accessible areas of the mine
  • LPD5 Combination Duster: Compact design is engineered to blanket dust up to 61m or trickle dust up to 122m
  • ETD2 Electric Trickle Duster: The mining industry’s preferred machine for trouble-free, unattended trickle dusting
  • Customized units are available for operation in hydraulic, electric or diesel power

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DERON Duster

Weinhold LogoWeinhold High-Pressure Pipe and Connectors

Swanson Industries Australia provides high-pressure pipe and connectors as part of their fluid delivery system to the longwall face. These features deliver a higher fluid volume with less friction over conventional hoses and make the setup and moving of fluid delivery units and components more efficient.

Weinhold tower of products
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Quick Coupling Pipe

Pressure Range 320 to 500 bar

Thumbnail of Weinhold Brochure

Tapered Screw Coupling Pipe

Pressure Range 320 to 500 bar

Thumbnail of Weinhold Brochure

Pipeline Systems with WE-ER®

High-Pressure Screwed Pipe Coupling - Ls Design

Thumbnail of Weinhold Brochure

WE-ER® High Pressure Combi-Coupling

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WE-ER® Hose Fittings for the Mining Industry

Easy Handling... Perfect Sealing

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WE-ER® Pipe-In-Pipe Coupling



[ Please see product sheets below (PDF) for additional information or contact a sales team member ]

Super-Tee Rail

Our aluminum monorail is half the weight of steel rail – but every bit as strong – for easier maneuverability and configuration as your mining operation progresses.

Compare to Steel Rail:

Designation: I 140 E Super-Tee
Length: 3m 3m
Weight: 77 kg. 36 kg.
Materials: Steel Aluminum
Rated Load: 2722 kg. 2722 kg.

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Rendering of DERON Hydraulic Monorail Winch

Hydraulic Pull Monorail Winches

Small and Compact Design
91cm (L) x 76cm (W) x 53cm (H)
Weight: 244 kg.


9,072 kg. Pull First Layer / 8.5 mpm
4,463 kg. Pull last Layer / 17 mpm
152m Wire Rope Capacity

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Photo of DERON Hydraulic Winch

Monorail Winches

Constant horsepower / Planetary Design
Variable speed via joy stick control
128 – 300 VDC
30 HP Electric or Pneumatic motor


363 kg.
9,072 kg. Pull First Layer
4,463 kg. Pull last Layer
152-274m Wire Rope Capacity

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Photo of DERON Monorail Brake

Monorail Dynamic Hydraulic Brake

Self-contained system
Retarder force increases as speed increases
No active-effort to operate once installed


System should develop 499 kg. of resistance at 12 mpm
Designed to avoid trolley run-away situations in down-hill applications

Photo of DERON Diesel Power Pack

Diesel Power Pack

Portable and self-contained
Enclosed, Vented 75 HP Diesel Engine with Lofa Box and Fuel Level Gauge
Hydraulic Supply – 15-30 GPM @ 2,500 PSI


Stainless Steel Wire Braided Fuel Lines.
12 VDC/250 AMP Breaker Box.
120 AMP 12 VDC alternator (Optional)
Compact Width of 91cm

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Photo of DERON Push-Pull

Push-Pull Monorail Unit

The DERON Push-Pull is being used in practically every longwall mining operation. A wide variety of options are available.


Available in 91, 107, 122 Centimeter Stroke
Max. Operating Pressure = 5,000 PSI

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Photo of DERON Coal Drill

Coal Drill

The CD10 Coal Drill is a powerful and lightweight suitable for one-person underground drilling.

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Photo of DERON Hydraulic Chain Saw

Hydraulic Chain Saw

The CS05 Hydraulic Chain Saw is ideal for cutting underground timbers and
cross beams.

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Photo of DERON Hydraulic Drill Rig

Hydraulic Drill Rig

The DR25 is a powerful hydraulic drill rig that is capable of drilling vertical or horizontally.

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